Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Project List

  • Inertia of Egg

  • Inertia of Discs

  • Centre the Cork

  • Capillary Action

  • Pascals Law

  • Bernoullis Principle

  • Create Smoke Rings

  • Floating Ball

  • The Magdeburg Hemispheres

  • Vibrating Coin

  • Egg in Bottle

  • Expanding Stockings

  • Separate Salt and Pepper

  • Electrical Attraction

  • Floating Balloon

  • Find Centre of Gravity

  • Gravity Device

  • Balancing Forks

  • Spectrum through Water

  • Refraction in Water

  • Simple Stroboscope

  • Invisible Picture Glass

  • Optical Illusion due to Motion

  • Lift an Ice Cube

  • Thaumatrope

  • Watch compass

  • Simple Planetarium

  • Create Giant Bubbles

  • Cloud in a Bottle

  • Why the Sky is Blue

  • Colored Interference Patterns

  • Diffraction of Light

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Prakash Raghav said...

Great Its Very Helpful Post For Me Thank you For Sharing And Keep It Up. And Please Give Me More Info For IEEE Engineering Projects.

Pradeep Singh said...

All MNC company need interior designs for new look. Its help look and feel gud.

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